Southeast Asian Trip – Malaysian Cities, beyond doubt impressive

Boarding a plane to Malaysia is one thing that will never want to miss. Malaysia has exceptional features that will leave you gossiping about it the rest of your life. Malaysia has very rich traditional culture, which can easily be blended with contemporary culture. Malaysia has very rich multi-culture, meals; art as well as building designs that make it stand out from the rest of the world. Malaysia has a mixture of culture ranging from Hindu, Chinese and Malay. What’s more, this county harbors an incredible number of people with a rich culture who moved from other section of the Southeast Asia to live in Malaysia. I guess you are eager to know much about Malaysia and what if offer. Enlisted are some incredible places that you can visit when you get to Malaysia:

Kuala Lumpur Town

Kuala Lumpur town is a landmark of Malaysia Nation. When you get to Kuala Lumpur, you will be amazed at how the city looks. Kuala Lumpur is the most developed zone in the Southeast Asia. In fact, it harbors the tallest building in the southeast region, for instance, The Petronas Twin Towers, which is approximately half a KM tall. To bring you to speed, the Petronas Twin Towers is the tallest twin Tower ever to exist in the world. Located at the centre of Kuala Lumpur town, Petronas Twin Towers is a famous tourist attraction in Malaysia.

The design, as well as the physical structure of the Petronas Twin Towers, is a display of creativity. The design of the Petronas Twin Tower originated from an Argentine-American designer, beneath the tall standing meticulous building is a handful landscape, designed by a Brazilian nationalist. Petronas Twin Tower hosts a lot of international organization. I guess you have to take a day off and visit this incredible building leave alone taking excellent pictures of it.

Railway station

Kuala Lumpur hosts the best as well as the oldest Railways station. To believe this, please take a taxi and head to Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin. Situated in the city centre, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin is one of the classic places you can visit. The Railway Station entails a Moorish touch. The Kuala Lumpur Railways Station was designed in 1910 by Hubbock, who was the only architect by that time in Kuala Lumpur. As you read this article, the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station still operates correctly. You might confuse it with a modern railway Station that was built a few years ago.

Shopping malls

I can’t imagine I am enlightening you about going for a shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is no single town that provides what Malaysia offers in terms of fashion, machines, jewelry and so forth. Everything in this city is top notch including the prices. Malaysia has a market day that takes place once in a year. All things are sold here cheaply. The market lasts for six week or so. Malaysia offers the best price for each product purchased. What’s more, during this period everything is sold at a discount. It is usually wise to take a trip to Malaysia and experience a change of your lifetime.

Fabulous Attractions of Johar


Johar being a state of rich cultural aspects attracts tourists from all walks of life. 
The numbers of attractions in Johor are endless, though we would try our best to 
provide a detailed description of most of the attractions as per its popularity among 
the tourists. Each attraction of Johar is really unique in its nature. 
Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple in Tebrau is one of the oldest Hindu 
temples in the world. It is known as the first Hindu temple constructed completely 
with glass. Its name has already been registered in the Malaysia Book of Records
The temple was rebuild in glass under the instruction of Sri Sinnathamby Sivasamy 
or Guru Bhagawan Sittar who got inspired by seeing the glass work in a temple 
while he was in Bangkok. He felt that an extraordinary temple with unique 
architecture of glass would captivate the minds of people from all around the world 
lightening their curiosity to visit such a place & experience the atmosphere inside a 
glass temple. The temple consists of 10 sculptures of various Hindu gods covered 
by a sheet of gold. The temple consists of some murals which demonstrate the 
message of unity, love & harmony. A mural on the wall depicts a Hindu motorcyclist 
fell from his bike who is being help by a Muslim, while a Christian is lifting up the bike 
and a Buddhist is picking the helmet up. The scene drawn on the picture depicts that 
a world could become a much better to live if people without religious differences 
come forward to help each other out during the time of crisis instead of mocking 
fun of it amusingly. There are also many buses from Singapore to KL ready for you.
Another such interesting attraction to visit is Pekan Air Panas situated in the district 
of Segamat, Johor, Malaysia has gained its popularity among the tourists due to its 
natural hot springs, waterfalls & availability of some of the best seasonal fruits to 
the tourists. The amazing fact about this small town is that it has mata kuching 
farms where a typical local fruit with brown skin similar to lychee grows. Many 
tourists first cherish upon such an amazing juicy fruits which fulfills their satisfaction 
by heart then they head to natural hot springs. This town was specifically named 
after the hot springs as tourists can find their relaxing spots among the several hot 
springs & relax while enjoying the view among them. This settlement consists 
mainly of people of Malay & Chinese communities. They have settled here due to its 
peaceful atmosphere & serene locality. 
Kota Tinggi is another famous town known for its 34 meters high waterfall. These 
waterfalls are one of the beautiful elements of Mother Nature for which people 
come from thousands of miles in order to view its beauty & elegance of the 
cascading water. Some people click amazing photographs with their camera. This is 
a historical town because of Sultanate of Johar was formed here years ago. The 
waterfall at Kota Tiggi is located at Lombong, it is immensely popular with the 
tourists as they prefer to swim in the shallow pools of the waterfall. Johar is the 
ultimate destination with vast number of attractions yet to look for. 

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